Mayor Bhalla on Hoboken Cleanup Efforts Post-Isaias

Clean-up from Tropical Storm Isaias

Thank you to the many City agencies who spent a great deal of time preparing and reacting to the storm, including the Hoboken Police Department, Hoboken Fire Department, Office of Emergency Management, and Transportation and Environmental Services Departments, as well as the North Hudson Sewerage Authority. We suffered no injuries in large part because of their hard work and diligent preparations.

Maxwell Park continued closure, all other parks open

Maxwell Park will unfortunately remain closed, with all normal activities in the park postponed, due to several uprooted trees. All other parks have re-opened, with various sections within Church Square Park, Stevens Park, Elysian Park, and behind the Multi-Service Center closed off to allow for the removal of trees and other debris.

PSE&G continues repairs

PSE&G has worked with our Office of Emergency Management to remove power lines from streets and sidewalks. As of last night, four buildings in Hoboken remain without power as PSE&G is scheduled to continue service repairs.

Landscaper to return today

A landscaper will return to Hoboken today to assist with tree removal in public locations including parks.

Adams Street between 1st and 2nd closed to traffic

The block behind the Multi-Service Center is closed to traffic due to a utility pole becoming dislodged, which has been temporarily secured. PSE&G is aware and will work with the Office of Emergency Management to repair the pole.

Large debris picked up today, additional pickup Thursday night

Additional large debris and branches can be put out at the curb tonight (Thursday) for pickup from sanitation crews on Friday.