Mayor Nicholas Sacco and Commissioners Sworn In for New Term in North Bergen

North Bergen, NJ – A crowd of enthusiastic residents gathered outside City Hall on Sunday for the official swearing-in ceremony of Mayor Nicholas Sacco and his newly appointed commissioners. This marks Mayor Sacco’s ninth consecutive term in office, a testament to his enduring popularity and the community’s unwavering support.

The ceremony saw two new commissioners take their oaths of office. Claudia Rodriguez will assume the responsibilities of Revenue and Finance, while former Hudson County Commissioner Anthony Vainieri will oversee the Department of Public Works (DPW). With their diverse expertise and commitment to public service, these commissioners are expected to contribute significantly to the ongoing progress and development of North Bergen.

Mayor Sacco commended the dedicated campaign workers who tirelessly canvassed the streets of North Bergen during the summer, interacting with constituents and gaining valuable insights into the community’s needs and aspirations.

The ceremony provided an opportunity for Mayor Sacco to reflect on the recent election campaign. He expressed gratitude to the dedicated individuals who had participated in the campaign including a personal injury suffered by Kathy, his wife, during a construction incident. Despite the obstacles, the campaign persevered, driven by the collective determination to continue improving the community.

Mayor Sacco also addressed the issue of false information spread during the campaign, emphasizing that his opponents resorted to baseless accusations. He clarified his stance on contentious topics, stating that he supports women’s reproductive rights and has solemnized same-sex marriages in his role as mayor. Undeterred by the smear tactics employed against him, Mayor Sacco commended the tireless efforts of his team, which included visiting all 39 districts of North Bergen, even in challenging weather conditions. The campaign’s door-to-door outreach received a warm response from the community, with residents expressing their satisfaction and support for Mayor Sacco’s vision.

The election results reflected the widespread approval of Mayor Sacco’s leadership, with an overwhelming 72% of the vote in his favor. The Mayor expressed his gratitude to the residents who disregarded false allegations and stood by his side. He highlighted the community’s solidarity, noting that the support he received was not swayed by personal circumstances or irrelevant distractions.

In his address, Mayor Sacco outlined his administration’s ongoing initiatives, despite the obstacles posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and lawsuits filed by opponents. The town is investing in education, with plans for a new junior high school and renovations to existing elementary schools, including air conditioning and window replacements. Furthermore, the community has witnessed improvements in recreational facilities, such as the completion of a new downtown center that combines a library, a recreation center, and a community center. The Mayor also mentioned upcoming projects for park refurbishments and emphasized the town’s commitment to public safety, highlighting the excellent performance of the local police department.

Mayor Sacco concluded his address by expressing his appreciation for the dedicated individuals who contributed to the success of the campaign and the growth of North Bergen. He invited everyone present to join in a brief reorganization meeting followed by a celebratory luncheon, extending his blessings and gratitude to the residents for their unwavering support and commitment to the town’s progress.

As Mayor Sacco and the commissioners embark on their new term, the people of North Bergen can anticipate continued dedication and a strong focus on making the town the best it can possibly be, fostering a prosperous and vibrant community for all residents