Hoboken, NJ – Yesterday, the U.S. Department of State announced the formation of the Assembly of Local Leaders (ALL), a groundbreaking initiative designed to foster dialogue between the federal government and local elected officials. Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla of Hoboken has been chosen as an inaugural member of this elite assembly.

The ALL will consist of 22 elected officials from various parts of the United States. The assembly aims to discuss and address global issues that have a direct impact on local communities, such as climate change, public health, foreign investment, and economic development.

In a statement, Mayor Bhalla expressed his gratitude and excitement about the appointment. “I am deeply honored and grateful to Ambassador Nina Hachigian and the US Department of State for entrusting me with this role on the inaugural Assembly of Local Leaders,” said Mayor Bhalla. “It is a privilege to collaborate with leaders from diverse cities and states across our nation. Together, we will continue to help forge innovative policies that directly address the global challenges that the Hoboken community, like so many others, face every day, such as the escalating impact of climate change.”

The assembly is set to launch in January 2024, and Mayor Bhalla is eager to contribute to creating a brighter and more sustainable future for all constituents.