Mayor Turner & Weehawken Township Council Sworn In For 4 More Years

This afternoon, before a crowded Township Hall Chambers, longtime Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner and his Weehawken and You Township Council took their oaths of office, ready, excited and prepared to lead the Hudson County municipality for another four years.

In office as Mayor since the early 1990s, Turner, an At Large Councilman, is joined by fellow Council members Carmela Silvestri-Ehret, of Ward 1, Rosemary Lavagnino of Ward 2 and Robert Sosa of Ward 3.  David Curtis rounds out the Council, representing the township At Large.  Turner was sworn-in by Hudson County Commissioner Carrie Rodriguez of West New York.

Silvestri-Ehret was selected to serve as Deputy Mayor.  Meanwhile, the Council reappointed Township Manager Giovanni Ahmad, Richard Venino as Township Attorney and Law Director and Rola Fares as Township Clerk, a role she has held for 22 years.

The mood is the chambers was lighthearted and cheerful, especially when Mayor Turner and Councilman Sosa went back-and-forth over who has actually served the public for a longer time period.  Councilman Sosa has been a member of the Council, on and off, since the 1970s.  Mayor Turner insisted he was the “longer” serving official.  At that point, Councilman Sosa passed a ceremonial “baton” across the dais to the Mayor, appearing to hand over “the title.”  It was all  done in good natured fun.

After thirty plus years, it came as no surprise that the Council selected Turner to once again, continue serving in the role of Mayor.

Among those in attendance for today’s inauguration, were West New York Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez and North Bergen Commissioner Julio Marenco.

Later this evening, in Paramus, Weehawken and You, will be holding a charitable fundraiser, with all proceeds raised going to various entities, including the school system and housing.