So-Called ‘Progressive’ Took $1,000 From Real Estate Kingpin, Trump Donor

WEST NEW YORK, NJ — Hector Oseguera calls himself a progressive, but the truth is he’s a fraud. One of the former registered Republican’s biggest supporters and top donors is none other than major Trump supporter and real estate magnate Robert Verrone, who donated $1,000 to Oseguera’s campaign in January according to Federal Election Commission records. Verrone contributed $10,000 to Trump’s “Make America Great Again” PAC, and he’s a confidant of Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Oseguera’s official campaign website claims that “Developers have bribed local politicians” — but he’s taking money from a major developer himself! Verrone is the Principal of Iron Hound Management, a commercial real estate financing company that has handled billions of dollars in financial transactions related to commercial real estate development.

“Hector Oseguera calls himself a progressive, but he’s being funded by a major Trump donor and real estate magnate,” said Sires campaign spokesman J.P. Escobar. “The truth is that Oseguera is a fraud — he’s a fake progressive who in reality works as a corporate lawyer for Wall Street banks, used to be a registered Republican and takes money from Trump donors. The real progressive in this race is Albio Sires, who has the support of Governor Murphy, Senator Menendez and Senator Booker and major labor unions like the New Jersey Education Association, Communications Workers of America, Service Employees International Union, International Union of Operating Engineers and so many other advocates for working families who see the work Congressman Sires does every day.”


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  1. It seems that the problem you have with Escobar is his affiliation with Trump. Is this gonna be the new way of judging people? So there’s nothing else you can say about Escobar but he’s gotten campaign money from a Trump affiliate. And the only other people you got to confirm his so called fraudulent act is the the “Quacks” still holding office in the corrupt state of NJ. I have no respect for Menendez he should’ve called it quits during his scandals with the Dr. and the private jet trips to DR. These people forget when they’re riding highs who’s around them seeing them in action. Let’s just say the judge in that case got some look the other way money to do just that. Sites office I contacted several times during an incident that was happening two lovely letters saying the same thing. None of which took care of the situation. None of the times did he care to inquire more none of the times did he seem to want to get involved bc it meant getting down and dirty with the corruption that is his home town of west New York. And how else can he keep bringing family members from Cuba, giving them Bd. Of Ed jobs, and automatic admittance to housing development. Booker I can’t really say much all’s that he too has business dealings with some connected individuals from west New York it makes me wonder. So who are the real frauds in this story. Hmmmmm

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