Mukherji a Prime Co-Sponsor of Bill to Make Election Day a Federal Holiday

The New Jersey Democratic State Committee is urging passage of legislation being sponsored by Assemblyman Raj Mukherji (D-District 33) to make Election Day a Federal holiday.

At the same time that the New Jersey Democratic Party and Governor Murphy are working to expand voting rights and make it easier for people to vote, New Jersey Republicans are fighting for the opposite. Last week, Republicans in the Assembly actually introduced a bill that would eliminate Election Day as a state holiday and make it more difficult for state and local public workers to vote.

According to the NJDSC, this is just the latest in a series of attacks on voting rights by New Jersey Republicans this year. When Governor Murphy signed an Executive Order making this November a mostly vote by mail election to ensure that New Jerseyans can safely vote during a pandemic, New Jersey Republicans actually sued to stop it. The NJDSC  stated in a press release, “They are willing to put our lives in jeopardy because they believe it will help them and President Trump win this November.”

In contrast, Democrats in the Assembly have introduced a resolution for the federal government to make Election Day a federal holiday in order to increase voter turnout and participation. The NJDSC continued, “New Jersey is one of only eight states in the nation that recognizes Election Day as a holiday and it is time that every state follow our lead. When it comes to voting rights, there could not be a greater gap between the Democratic and Republican parties.”