Students from Union City’s NASA Club at Emerson Middle School participated in a virtual cooking lesson with a chef who has cooked for NASA scientists in Antarctica.  Joining the chef during the Zoom session was a NASA scientist based in New Zealand.  The event was held on Thursday at Union City High School.

The program is part of a collaboration between the Union City Board of Education, the United Nations, NASA and Kitchen Connection, a partnership which goes back a couple of years.  The chef taught the students how to make a family quiche recipe.


While the quiche was baking in the Union City High School cafeteria’s oven, the NASA scientist explained to the students what his job was all about.  He talked about, among other things, sending research balloons into space.

Students were able to ask questions of the chef and the scientist, and they got to eat the quiche they had made.

As part of this collaboration, students learned about sustainability, hydroponics, eating and cooking healthy foods, space exploration and much more.  Several of the Union City students helped author a children’s cook book at the United Nations, while a second book was authored with the help of Kitchen Connection.

Students from the culinary arts program at Union City High School, and Edison School students, also participated in this year’s Kitchen Connection curriculum.