NBC News: Trump Says No Obama Portrait in White House

This is as political as partisan politics gets.  It even borders on petty.  According to NBC News, President Trump will break a 40 year tradition in the White House.  He is refusing to unveil a portrait of former President Barack Obama, something the sitting President has done for his predecessor, no matter the political party.

To say that Trump and Obama don’t like each other is, well, nothing new.  To say that they have had a contentious relationship is, well, obvious.  To make matters worse, the former President, according to NBC, has no interest in going to the White House to have his portrait unveiled by Trump.

These ceremonies have taken place in the East Room of the White House for decades. It hasn’t mattered what political party either man was a part of, in fact, I had the honor of being invited by Congressman Albio Sires to attend the unveiling of former President Ronald Reagan’s portrait several years ago.

It did not matter that we were standing all the way in the back of the room.  It was still a special moment.  I even got a glimpse, for just a second, of Nancy Reagan all the way in the front of the room.  I knew it was the former First Lady.  I barely could see the red dress.

It’s about the honor and respect for the Office of the Presidency.  Politics be damned.

This needs to happen.  Just my opinion.


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    1. trump is a pretty, childish,poorly educated, liar,..he cant hold a candle to President Obama in any form..he cant write or say, when written, An intelligent statement..trump is a pathetic, disgusting, evil, self absorbed spoiled little boy..actually, he’s an idiot.

    2. What do you expect from a incompetent low intelligence with a marginal education bought by his father. An excuse of a man that lie cheat and steal. A man that commit crimes right out in the open, who invite our enemies to meddle in our elections. A man who encourage people with less intelligence to be violent against his opponents. A man with such poor business experience, that he had 6-7 bankruptcies. A man that conned student out of their hard earned money for a supposedly education in how to become a millionaire, taught by plumber’s and other layman teachers with no education experience. A man that break the law, left and right with no consequences, who have no clue what the constitution says or that feel it doesn’t include him. A man that hire his own family to do jobs they have no experience in whatsoever, making us the tax payers pay for their living expenses. A man that use our tax money to spend every 5th day on average on his own resort gulf coarses, again enriching himself from the precisidentity. We have a fake pretender operating conman in the white house that is so insanely jealous of the popularity of the former president that he have destroyed every good thing that former president put in place. We are the laughing stock of the world, every country have comics that use him as their material to get people to laugh. This man who would never serve in the militany and rather come up with some simple lie to avoid it, is not a president but a scandal beyond anything America have ever seen. So not wanting to do a tradition in the white house of revealing a portrait, is the least of our worries. Sad and scary.

    3. What do you expect from such a self centered. Immature and insecure president. I use the word president loosely.! Trump could never hold a candle to President Obama!!!!!!

    4. Trump is an immature, insecure ,unintelligent human being. He is a unstable person who doesn’t have the capacity to governor our country. He is a pathological liar and a hazard to every Americans health as is Moscow Mitch and the republicans party . The republicans party has been paid for the last 11years to do nothing but suck up to Moscow Mitch and now
      the hazard in the White House. He has got to go!!!!!

    5. I know what it’s like to see a picture of someone you don’t like. I go to the VA hospital and I have to see the orange aranatang grining like a possom eating caca makes kinder sick to your stomach

    6. Donald Trump is the worst president United States ever had he’s a racist a liar pussy grabber and damn fool his hatred for Obama proves that he’s a racist he’s doing everything he can to undermine the first black president regardless what he do he cannot stop Obama from going down in history get a life President Trump

    7. It’s Obama that won’t go there, why oh why do you always say that it is Trumps fault. Get your head out of your duffel bag. And think for your self instead of following the crowd.

    8. I agree with President Trump, why should he have that Man come back to the WhiteHouse when He tried to destroy our wonderful Country
      Their is so many Stupid People out there that can’t even see that Onama and all his crony Democrates are trying to turn is into a Communest Country and the Democrats only want Biden in so they can control him because he has dementia and he doesn’t even know what he’s saying so if they all get in you won’t have a say anymore, They will control you so go ahead keep being Stupid and I Pray to God that they don’t cheat their way in so they cant control us

    9. Kathy
      I so agree with you! These people don’t realize that Oboma was a patsy President who had no backbone. He sold out our country , made us look so weak to other nations. He made America looked pathetic to the world. I’m a foreigner Obama was a weak president. He didn’t care for Christians either he spied on trump. He was a corrupt president. These people are blind Obama almost destroy the integrity of this country. Dems and some of these Republicans are the ones who are going to usher in the one world order

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