Prescription Medication Delivery Missing, Ridgefield Police asks for help

A resident of the 900 block of Slocum Avenue in Ridgefield, New Jersey, Bergen County is missing a delivery of needed medication according to the local police department.

According to Ridgefield Police, the resident was notified on Monday by FedEx that a package was delivered to the person’s home.  The package contained a prescription medication, but according to police, the resident could not find any FedEx package outside of their home.

The officer which conducted the initial investigation believes that it is possible the package was delivered to the wrong address.

Ridgefield Police are asking anyone, if they have received a package by accident, to please conduct them immediately.  The Ridgefield Police Department is located at 604 Broad Avenue.  The telephone number is (201) 943-5210.


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    1. Today While driving in Fort Lee, Corner of Columbia Ave by Anderson Ave I Looked on ground the was a unopened Brown Amazon type package on Grass but also@ Curbside. Either these guys deliver Very fast or The wind is picking them up very Light weight or They go to wrong Address. Twice this week Ordered online I to got confirmation Dropped off yet Never Received. Next delivery got 2 Hours Later , But at wrong Address. ( Gave order where to Leave) Left on street Level, Stupid, Stupid

    2. FedEx, US Postal Service, Ups, whatever. They should be required to ring door bell, not just send email when delivery is made. Especially when it rains.

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