Nearly $500K Allows For Operation Of Warming Center In South Kearny For Homeless Population

Hudson County HUD Grant
image courtesy of creative commons

The Hudson County Board of Commissioners have provided $445,698 in Code Blue funding for the operation of a Warming Center in South Kearny on Hackensack Avenue.

Hudson County has contracted with Collaborative Support Programs of New Jersey, an experienced homeless shelter and service provider to operate a low barrier warming center for homeless individuals.  It will provide a warm and safe place for unsheltered homeless individuals to spend the night during the winter months. 

The Code Blue Alert is declared 24-48 hours before temperatures are predicted to reach 32 degrees or lower, wind chill temperatures will be zero degrees or less for a period of two hours or more.  Municipalities with a documented homeless population of at least 10 are alerted as well as social services agencies and non-profit organizations, that a Code Blue will be in effect and warming centers will be available during a Code Blue alert.

The warming center will operate between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. continuously from November 15, 2022 through March 30, 2023.

The warming center is designed to be a place of last resort for unsheltered individuals.  All emergency shelter beds and overflow slots throughout Hudson County should be filled to the greatest extent possible prior to an individual being transported to the warming center.

The term of this award is for one year with an option of four one year renewals.