A clear path to the Democratic nomination for United States Senate from New Jersey now exists for south Jersey Congressman Any Kim with Sunday’s withdraw from the race by New Jersey First Lady Tammy Murphy.

No woman has ever been elected to the United States Senate from New Jersey.

Murphy made her announcement in a video posted to social media.

Congressman Kim and First Lady Murphy were waged in a political battle to succeed Senator Robert Menendez, who faces trial in May on federal bribery and corruption charges.  Menendez has maintained his innocence, saying he will not seek the Democratic nomination in the June Primary, but may run independently in the November General Election.

Murphy trailed Kim by a wide margin in the polls.  She faced a difficult road to victory considering Rep. Kim’s legal challenge to the county line.   The county line groups party-endorsed candidates on the ballot in a way the Congressman and others argue is not constitutional.

There are two other candidates seeking the Democratic nomination in the June Primary; labor leader Patricia Campos-Medina and activist Larry Hamm.  No Republican has won a U.S. Senate race from New Jersey since 1972.


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