NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ – It’s a proud moment for New Jersey as NJ Sharing Network, under the leadership of President and CEO Carolyn M. Welsh, announces a historic achievement in organ transplantation. The year 2023 saw a record-breaking number of 715 organs transplanted, surpassing the previous high of 670 set in 2022. This marks a continuous upward trend, with this being the fifth consecutive year of breaking organ donation records in the Garden State.

This significant rise in organ transplants is a testament to the increasing support for organ and tissue donation among New Jersey’s residents. Carolyn Welsh praised the generosity of the organ donors and their families, highlighting the profound impact their decisions have on giving others a chance at life. She also commended the relentless efforts of the NJ Sharing Network team, their hospital partners, and the supportive community for reaching these new heights in organ and tissue donation and transplantation.

The breakdown of the 715 transplanted organs in 2023 includes 374 kidneys and 195 livers, both numbers representing all-time highs for NJ Sharing Network. The list also includes 62 hearts, 60 lungs, 22 pancreata, and two intestines. Moreover, there was a notable increase in eye and tissue donations, with 44,266 gifts, marking an 11% increase over the previous year.

Collaboration has been key to this success, with NJ Sharing Network partnering with 54 local hospitals. Among these, Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Cooper University Hospital, and University Hospital in Newark stood out for their exceptional contributions to organ transplants and donor support.

One heart-touching story from Newton underlines the real-life impact of these efforts. Wendy Carr, celebrating the first anniversary of her heart transplant, shares her journey from a life-threatening heart attack to receiving a new lease on life. Her story is a powerful reminder of the life-changing impact of organ donation, filled with gratitude for the donor and their family.

NJ Sharing Network continues its vital role as a federally designated non-profit organization, dedicated to saving and enhancing lives. It brings hope to nearly 4,000 New Jersey residents waiting for lifesaving transplants and supports the national drive to aid over 100,000 people on the transplant waiting list. With its commitment to excellence, NJ Sharing Network has been lauded as one of the state’s best workplaces, highlighting the growing movement towards organ and tissue donation in New Jersey.