NJ’s Likely Republican Gubernatorial Nominee Fully Backs Trump in Radio Interview

New Jersey’s Democratic State Committee Executive Director Sally Avelenda criticized the likely Republican Gubernatorial nominee, former Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli, following his appearance over the weekend on a New York City radio program where he said he fully supports President Donald Trump’s re-election.

Details are outlined in the following press release issued by the NJDSC this morning:


Ciattarelli Confirms It — He’s Gone Full Trump 

GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Unequivocally Backs President Trump in Radio Interview

TRENTON, NJ — In an interview on the New Jersey Globe’s Power Hour radio show on 77 WABC, Republican gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli confirmed that he’s now a 100%, die-hard, MAGA-loving Trump supporter. When asked if he supports President Trump for re-election, Ciattarelli was unequivocal, saying: “I’m voting for the President. His policies are working for the country…He’s been right on transforming the federal bench, including the Supreme Court, to a more conservative leaning. He has my support.”

Full audio of Ciattarelli’s interview with host David Wildstein is available here starting at 23:49 — https://wabcradio.com/podcast/new-jersey-globe-power-hour/

“Exactly which Trump policies does Jack think are working for New Jersey?,” asked Saily Avelenda, New Jersey Democratic State Committee Executive Director. “Denying New Jersey homeowners property tax relief by taking away the SALT deduction, trying to kill affordable health care and coverage for pre-existing conditions, or cruelly botching the response to the pandemic and then refusing to help New Jersey cover the costs?”

“Jack Ciattarelli has a big problem, and it’s going to follow him throughout the election for Governor,” continued Avelenda. “He is just another Trenton Republican who pretended that Trump offended him when it was convenient, but who is now doing everything he can to re-elect Trump. But in this moment, it’s time to be clear whose side you’re on — Jack Ciattarelli has chosen to fully embrace Donald Trump and his disastrous record. New Jersey voters won’t forget.”