No More U-Turns: Bayonne Broadens Traffic Ordinance to Cover Entire Broadway

Bayonne’s City Council has just put the brakes on U-turns along Broadway, marking a significant shift in traffic regulations aimed at ramping up public safety. This sweeping change builds on an earlier rule that was limited to just a portion of this vital thoroughfare.

Mayor Jimmy Davis tipped his hat to the Council for stepping up to the plate with this crucial ordinance. He pointed out that with Broadway being the heartbeat of the city’s commercial hustle, tightening traffic rules is key to keeping everyone safe.

The streets are getting busier in Bayonne, and Council President Gary LaPelusa didn’t mince words about it. He’s seen firsthand the trouble with U-turns, especially uptown, and he’s all for taking the longer way around the block if it means pedestrians can breathe a little easier.

First Ward Council Member Neil Carroll III, who brought the ordinance to the table, has watched the U-turn tango play out during the buzz of the farmers’ market season. It’s clear to him that something had to change. Council Member At-Large Loyad Booker and Council Member Juan Perez are on the same page, putting pedestrian safety at the top of their list.

With the new rule kicking in on November 29, the city’s already planning to get the word out with new signs. They’ll be a friendly reminder to drivers that when it comes to U-turns on Broadway, it’s a no-go.

Bayonne is on the move, growing and evolving. And as it does, steps like these are what keep the wheels turning safely for everyone hitting the streets, whether on foot or behind the wheel.