North Bergen Hosts Annual ‘Touch a Truck’ Event, Celebrating Community and Public Services

North Bergen Hosts Annual ‘Touch a Truck’ Event, Celebrating Community and Public Services

NORTH BERGEN, NJ – The residents of North Bergen were treated to a day of excitement, exploration, and community bonding at the annual ‘Touch a Truck’ event. This year’s event was held at the main branch of the North Bergen library located at 83rd Street and Bergenline Avenue, between 1 pm and 4 pm.

The ‘Touch a Truck’ event allowed children and adults alike to get up-close and personal with various essential vehicles used daily by the community’s professionals. These vehicles ranged from sweeping trucks, ambulances, parking authority cars, to rescue trucks and police cars.

As North Bergen’s residents explored the ins and outs of these service vehicles, the event became a captivating spectacle that united the community. Moreover, it celebrated the dedicated individuals who serve and protect North Bergen daily.

“I love the sounds, I love the lights, and they get a chance to see God up close and walk in and out of an ambulance, a police car, and all these other types of trucks. It’s just a lot of fun for the kids,” Mayor Nick Sacco, a prominent figure at the event, expressed. Having been part of the initiative for eight years, Mayor Sacco was delighted to witness children engaged in activities they might not typically have the chance to enjoy.

Gladys Cepeda, a representative of the North Bergen Library, emphasized the event’s purpose. “The goal is to familiarize children with the diverse range of transportation used by North Bergen’s professionals. If they ever need these services, they would feel comfortable interacting with these trucks,” she explained.

Echoing Cepeda’s thoughts, North Bergen Public Safety Commissioner Ellen Pasquale underscored the event’s role in fostering strong relationships within the community. “It’s a great community-building event. We have some patrol trucks, rescue trucks; every year it’s a great event, the turnout’s fantastic, and it just builds these relations with our community,” Pasquale remarked.

The North Bergen ‘Touch a Truck’ Event was not only a showcase of an impressive array of rescue trucks and ambulances, but it also served as a powerful reminder of the community’s commitment to promptly and efficiently serve its residents in times of need. As the event concluded, attendees left with a newfound appreciation for these essential vehicles and a stronger sense of unity among the community and its dedicated public servants.

Reporting by Pedro Garcia for Hudson TV.