Hudson TV has learned that on October 31 of last year, a North Bergen home was robbed at approximately 08:04 PM.  According to authorities, the victim reported that someone, later identified as 18-year old Franco A. Correa of North Bergen, had broken into her son’s bedroom.  The woman told detectives that she heard a noise coming from her son’s bedroom, at which time she turned on the lights and observed a male inside the room.   When she confronted the suspect, he removed a handgun from his book bag and pointed it at the homeowner.

The suspect shouted for her to “get back,” at which time she exited her son’s bedroom. The suspect was able to take the victim son’s Playstation 4.  The woman told police, “while she was contacting the police she observed two individuals wearing all black running up her hill from her alleyway where her son’s bedroom is located.”   She was unable to see the suspect’ s face due to him wearing a face covering.

Detectives were able to process the scene and recovered numerous fingerprints from the crime scene. The fingerprints were secured and sent to the NJ State Police AFIS lab for examination. During the investigation detectives were able to obtain video surveillance from the area prior to the incident and observed three suspects were involved. Video depicted two males outside the victim’s residence serving as lookouts, while the defendant was inside the victim’s residence. Detectives were able to identify two of the three suspects as juveniles.

Then on December 30, the Detective Bureau received a print return of the fingerprints that were submitted on October 31.  Six latent fingerprints came back to the defendant.  Police determined the fingerprints were the defendant’s.  The homeowner was contacted and she confirmed that the defendant had not had permission to be in her home on the day of the robbery and she did not know the person.

Correa was taken into custody on January 12.  He was due to appear in Central Judicial Processing Court in Jersey City on an undisclosed date.