North Bergen Parking Authority Goes Completely Digital With Parking Meter ParkVantage App

You may not have noticed the switch because of the holiday season when most municipalities in Hudson County provide free parking by covering over their parking meters with bags, but the township of North Bergen, effective December 1, has gone totally virtual.  That’s right.  Now that the meters have been uncovered, and the bags are gone, you have to pay to park once again at meters on the street or in Parking Authority lots.

But you can do so even if you don’t have any change on you.  Some of us don’t like having loose change rattling around in our pockets.  Now, if you’re in North Bergen and find yourself at a meter, you can pay virtually using the NBPA app which is easily available for downloading at the app store.

That’s right, the North Bergen Parking Authority has joined the digital age by offering virtual residential and visitor parking permits and the new app for metered parking.

According to the township, it’s an effort to improve the quality of life and make parking in North Bergen easier and more convenient for both residents and visitors.   So, the North Bergen Parking Authority now has all parking permits virtual and drivers can quickly and easily register their vehicles at a new, Permit Portal located on the NBPA website. This is in addition to the launch of the NBPA’s new mobile app, ParkVantage, which allows shoppers and other visitors to the township’s commercial areas to purchase parking by credit or debit card without needing to carry change.

Mayor Nicholas Sacco is thrilled, saying, “I’m very excited to announce this next stage in our ongoing efforts to modernize the parking process in North Bergen.  We’re working hard every day to improve parking in our community and these new virtual programs will help residents, visitors and customers at local businesses park more easily and conveniently.”

Details of the NBPA’s new virtual permit system include:

  • Through the use of new license plate reading technology, all residential and visitor permits are now virtual. Users upload a picture of their driver’s license and vehicle registration from any computer, mobile phone, or tablet
  • Permit holders must create a free account at to renew their permit or make changes. Anyone who needs to sign up for a new permit must do so at the new Permit Portal on the Parking Authority website

  • Parking permit confirmations are delivered via email

  • Rates have not changed

Any car parked in a residential zone for more than three hours must be registered with the NBPA and all current residential parking permit holders are already pre-registered. Daily visitor parking permits are also now available online for guests who will be parking in a residential zone for more than three hours. Each virtual daily permit allows a visitor to park in a residential zone for 24 hours, with no tag required.

“Residential and visitor parking permits help make sure that there is enough available street parking and these new digital options will make it even easier to get vehicles registered and able to park,” said NBPA Executive Director Robert Baselice. “Working with a software vendor, the NBPA was able to develop custom digital systems that will allow us to make our operations much more efficient while offering residents the flexibility and convenience they deserve and keeping costs under control.”

The new online system was released earlier than anticipated in order to provide a safe way to obtain permits during the pandemic. The NBPA is working with the developer on refining the program to eliminate certain requirements and make it even easier to use. Virtual residential and visitor permits are still available over the counter during office hours. Please visit the parking authority website for permit requirements. For anyone without internet access or after office hours, pay stations are still available at the following locations:

  • North Bergen Public Library Kennedy Branch 2123 Kennedy Boulevard

  • North Bergen Public Library Main Branch 8411 Bergenline Avenue

  • North Bergen Parking Authority Office 4225 Bergen Turnpike

  • North Bergen Housing Authority Office 6121 Grand Avenue

  • J. George Fredman Park 75th Street & Boulevard East

With the new meter app-based system in place, the Parking Authority will be able to evaluate data allowing it to make changes to parking regulations if needed to encourage more efficiency. People who use the ParkVantage app will be able to renew for longer-term parking, with a maximum of 6 hours instead of 3. There will be a small convenience fee on each transaction, and higher hourly rates will kick in after the first 3 hours. Traditional parking meters accepting change and metered pay stations accepting various forms of payment will still be available for residents who prefer them.

More information and updates can be found at and on the township’s social media platforms.