North Bergen Police Hire 6 SLEO II Officers

Photo Credits:   North Bergen Police & Township of North Bergen                                                                                                                                                                          On Wednesday afternoon at an Oath of Office Ceremony officiated by Mayor Nicholas J. Sacco, Commissioner Allen Pascual, the entire Board of Commissioners and Chief of Police Peter Fasilis in the Town Hall commission Chambers, The North Bergen Police Department welcomed newly hired SLEO IIs Brooke Bargiel, David Corbisiero Jr., Jose Figueroa, Alexander Lambros, Yosseline Marquez and Majd Siyam.

SLEO Class II (SLEO II) are authorized to perform all duties of regular full-time police officers subject to authorization of the Chief of Police and they are authorized to carry a firearm.

The new hires will be attending the Passaic County Police Academy.



  1. Good afternoon. I’m concerned about the direction of my neighborhood. So are many neighbors I speak to. We are experiencing an increase in dogs walked without leashes (and attacking other dogs), cars driving slowly around the streets (with completely tinted windows), individuals walking around with blasting music coming from radios, people littering without regard, cars parked overnight in firehydrants, yellow painted curb areas and no parking areas, and….cars driving by with the smell of marijuana. This is dangerous.

    We are aware there is a shift in many aspects of life post Covid and with a decrease in punishment for “broken window” crimes. However, we would like to acknowledge this does NOT lead to a safe, comfortable, clean neighborhood. What can be done? We believe a neighborhood watch group can help.

    Police officers can not, at this point in time, be aware of all areas in a town that need monitoring. So, we propose to start a watch group to help facilitate orderly and safe behavior in which we can convey to local administrators and law enforcement.

    Please advise how we can successfully implement a group. Thank you.

    Concerned Citizens

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