North Bergen’s Water Olympics Bring Kids & Cops Together

On Friday morning at the soccer field in North Bergen’s James J. Braddock Park, the township held its annual, Water Olympics with the local Police Department.  Kids from kindergarten through the fifth grade got to throw water balloons at, and spray local police officers with water guns.

              It was part of the police force’s outreach effort with the community.  By spending time with the youngsters in a fun, non-confrontational setting, the kids learn that the officers are not their enemy.  Rather, they are their friends and can be approached by the child anytime they may feel insecure, scared, or just confused.

              It’s something the Police Department began several years ago.  In fact, Mayor Nicholas Sacco says the event has been so successful, he can’t even remember who came up with the original idea, but he’s happy “that person did.”

The program was co-sponsored by the township’s library, Police Department, Department of Parks and Recreation and the municipality.

Let’s just say it’s another form of community policing that is paying dividends community-wide.