Nourishing Hope: Bayonne’s Endeavor for Food Drive Success

In a remarkable demonstration of compassion and community spirit, the city of Bayonne has come together to host a food drive that promises to make a profound impact on those facing food insecurity. This heartwarming initiative showcases Bayonne’s dedication to supporting its neighbors in times of need and ensuring that no one in the community goes hungry.

The Bayonne food drive is a collaborative effort that has united local organizations, businesses, and caring individuals, all working towards the common goal of alleviating hunger in the city. With a shared commitment to making a difference, this collective effort demonstrates the power of a close-knit community coming together to address pressing social issues.

Mayor Jimmy Davis and Police Chief Robert Geisler announced that the Bayonne Board of Education, three BCB Community Bank branches, and the Bayonne Chamber of Commerce office are conducting a food drive from now through November 29.  As in past years, the Bayonne Police Department is coordinating the food drive with the schools, BCB, and the Bayonne Department of Public Works.  The Chamber of Commerce office is a new participant in this year’s food drive.

Bayonne police officers will be assisting with the pick-up and distribution of food donations. 

The drive is part of the annual, national Make A Difference Day activities, which encourage volunteerism across America.  National Make A Difference Day this year was Friday, October 28, the first day of the food drive. Mayor Davis said, “The Make A Difference food drive provides the school community and the general public the opportunity to help restock our local food pantries.  Many of our fellow Bayonne residents depend on these pantries to help feed themselves and their families.” Mayor Davis continued, “I would like to thank the people of Bayonne for continuing their generosity to this annual food drive in 2023.”

The last time the food drive took place before this year was 2019.  The drive was suspended for a few years as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID) pandemic.  Mayor Davis said, “We are happy to bring back the Make A Difference food drive, so that we can help people in need in large numbers again.” 

The Bayonne public schools are sending or have sent notices home with each student to explain the food drive.  The schools, three BCB Community Bank branches in Bayonne, and the Bayonne Chamber of Commerce office will serve as drop-off points for donations.  The participating BCB Bank branches are located at 4th Street and Avenue C, 27th Street and Avenue C, and at 40th Street and Broadway. The Chamber of Commerce office is located at 168 Broadway, which is between 5th Street and Dodge Street. The Department of Public Works will pick up food from the schools, participating BCB Bank branches, and the Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, November 29, and will deliver it to local non-profit organizations and religious congregations whose food pantries have participated previously. 

Furthermore, the food drive has benefited from the dedication of volunteers who have selflessly contributed their time and energy to ensure its smooth operation. Their tireless efforts in organizing, collecting, and distributing donations play a pivotal role in the initiative’s success.

In addition to providing essential food items, the Bayonne food drive also highlights the importance of raising awareness about food insecurity and the need for continued support. It serves as a reminder that hunger is an ongoing issue that requires sustained attention and assistance.

By coming together in this way, Bayonne is not only providing immediate relief to individuals and families in need but also setting an example for other communities. The city’s dedication to helping those facing food insecurity showcases the strength and compassion of its residents, making a positive impact that extends beyond its borders.

If any other food pantries in Bayonne would like to inquire about the food drive, they should contact Sgt. Steve Rhodes in the Bayonne Police Department at 201-858-6906. 

Students participating in the food drive should bring packaged, non-perishable food items to school by Tuesday, November 28, and may start as early as now.  Members of the general public may bring packaged, non-perishable food to the donation boxes at the three participating BCB Bank branches, and the Chamber of Commerce in Bayonne during business hours from now through Tuesday, November 28. Suggested non-perishable food items include: canned tuna fish, boxed cereal, pasta sauce, canned fruits, canned or boxed pastas, oatmeal, pudding cups, rice, macaroni and cheese, peanut butter, and jelly.

In conclusion, Bayonne’s food drive represents a shining example of a community united in the fight against hunger. The city’s collective efforts to provide essential food items and support to those in need demonstrate the power of coming together to address important social issues. Bayonne’s commitment to nourishing hope and promoting unity within its community is an inspiring model for others to follow in the quest to combat food insecurity.