Bayonne assault and arrest

41-year old Amir M. Fam of 70th Avenue in Ridgewood, New York was arrested by Bayonne Police at 7:42 on Sunday morning in the area of 21st Street and Broadway.  According to Captain Eric Amato, police responded to the area on a report of an individual following a man, later identified as Fam, who was seen burglarizing a vehicle on West 20th Street.

After police did an on scene investigation, it was determined that Fam had entered a parked car, later determined not to be his vehicle.  Police determined Fam did not have permission to enter the vehicle.

According to a witness, Fam had rummaged through the center console and the glove compartment.  During the arrest process, police found a pair of headphones on Fam’s person which turned out not to be his equipment.

Captain Amato says the headphones were confiscated as possible evidence in another car burglary.

Fam was charged with burglary, as well as being under the influence of, and use of a controlled dangerous substance, which turned out to be heroin.

Fam was issued a summons.