Op Ed: NJ GOP State Committeeman Sotomayor Einstein Rips Democrats For Criticizing Trump’s Challenge of Election Results

The following is an Op Ed piece written by New Jersey State GOP Committeeman Joshua Sotomayor Einstein of Hoboken, criticizing New Jersey Democratic State Chairman John Currie and local Democrats for lambasting President Trump’s efforts in challenging the results of the November 3 election:


“Despite (or because of) their failure to pick up NJ House seats and their loss of Congressional seats on the national level, the NJ Democrat Party, is on the attack. The assault on reason began on November 6 with an interview of Hudson County Democrat Chair DeGise published on Hudson County View, in which President Trump’s efforts to ensure the election process was fair and secure was called “disgusting.” Less than a week later in a November 12 piece on InsiderNJ, Democrat State Chair John Currie, called on the Republican candidate for Governor, Jack Ciattarelli, to disavow anti-fraud efforts in the recent and still ongoing presidential election.

As if he was never a part of a political party that perpetuated the Russian collusion myth cooked up by a bitter Clinton campaign and investigated by Congress with zero resulting evidence; Currie stated that Republicans are “encouraging deeply irresponsible and damaging conspiracy theories about our democratic system.” Democrat State Chairman Currie’s display of ignorance was not limited to recent history, as he continued by stating that America has had a “more than 200-year tradition of the peaceful transition of power.” Putting aside the fact that investigating voter fraud and violations of the equal protection clause of the US Constitution to defend the sanctity of the vote is by definition peaceful; the reality is that within the 200-year span Currie mentions are two very violent rejections of the peaceful transition of power he is inexplicably unaware of. Currie is apparently ignorant of Jim Crow/the end of Reconstruction and the Civil War.

Jim Crow and the end of Reconstruction began with the “Compromise of 1877,” 143 years ago. A morally revolting hijacking of the election by Democrat presidential candidate Samuel Tilden to force the end of legal equality and to relegate the legal status of Black Americans to the domain of White southerners. With Tilden lacking a majority of the electoral votes and the results of several states in dispute, the electors would not vote on a President Elect until 3 days before the inauguration. More importantly, Tilden and the Democrats blackmailed the nation into returning White supremacist Democrat rule of the former Confederacy.  This may have been a “peaceful transition of power” for those in DC and the Northern and Western states and territories, but for the millions of Black Americans in the South who only gained freedom from bondage 12 years prior, this was a violent return of White supremacist Democrat government. Indeed, during Reconstruction a Black middle class was burgeoning and Black (all Republican) political leaders sat in the state legislatures of the southern states and in the United States Congress. Not only would the “Compromise of 1877” result in the massive disenfranchisement of Black Americans but it unleashed and empowered decades of White only Democrat rule enforced by the KKK –a terrorist organization that murdered thousands of Black Americans. This reign of terror supported by the Democrat Southern political monopoly would last until the Civil Rights Acts (supported by a far greater number of Republicans in Congress than Democrats) and until Republican President Eisenhower sent in the troops to make sure all understood the era of legally enforced segregation was over.

The second and more massive example of Currie’s inexplicably proud ignorance of the past is of course the Civil War. Waged between 1861 and 1865, the beginning of the war was 159 years ago when the Democrat Party, then a largely regional party relegated primarily to what would become the Confederacy, seceded from the USA. Seven of the slave states declared their secession after the election of the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, but before his inauguration. Clearly this was not a peaceful transition of power either.

That the titular leader of the State Democrat Party and number 2 top Democrat, voluntarily just waved around his historical illiteracy like a flag to be rallied around should be an embarrassment to all NJ. Like the Democrats repeat failure to fix any state issues, and akin to the credit rating demotion Governor Feckless Phil Murphy has earned NJ with his reckless tax/borrow/spend plan, Democrat State Chairman Currie has downgraded NJ’s intelligence. The NJ Democrat Party is on the attack because of their failure to take any seats this past election, but rather than asking why they failed, Currie’s failure of a basic history test no one asked him to take have made New Jerseyans ask – why would anyone listen to them?”