OpEd: Sotomayor Einstein on Why Governor Murphy Has Not Instituted a State Vaccine Mandate

The following OpEd was was submitted to Hudson TV by Hudson County Young Republicans Board Member Joshua Sotomayor Einstein:

The revelation that Governor Murphy has delayed instituting a state vaccine mandate because he knows it will hurt him with moderates and independents in the Gubernatorial election should send chills down everyone’s spines. Regardless of whether someone is for vaccine mandates or for freedom of choice (and for the record, this essayist is vaccinated and against coercion), the fact remains that Murphy is once again putting personal political gain above what he allegedly believes to be crucial public policy.

While those who have said “no” or “not yet” to vaccination are stereotyped by extremist Democrat activists as Republicans, Murphy knows the reality is that a large portion of the Black and Hispanic communities have decided to forego getting the shot. Murphy and the Democrats supposedly believe a vaccination mandate is essential public policy yet are putting this behind their desire not to alienate what they view as two key Democrat voting blocs prior to the November 2nd election.

That Murphy and the Democrats would put off a coercive state mandate for political reasons undermines their argument that it is an important and necessary action. If Covid-19 is still at the crisis levels the Democrats pretend, the crisis doesn’t wait for elections to be over. If Murphy’s potential personal political gain can determine when state government undertakes intrusive measures such as vaccine mandates and a vaccine passport system, then the alleged reason for the coercive mandates are clearly not urgent nor any longer a crisis.

The truth, which Murphy and the Democrats don’t want to acknowledge, is that Covid-19 is now lower than at any point since the crisis peaked many months ago and that life has returned to near normal for most of New Jersey. This is not to say that Covid is to be handled lightly, only to point out that Murphy is addicted to the mythology that he is saving people every day. But New Jerseyans know that Murphy’s policies have raised the cost of living for millions and killed over 8,000 nursing home residents.

NJGOP Gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli, on the other hand, believes in free choice and honesty. Ciattarelli (who is vaccinated), has maintained the consistent moral position that people should get vaccinated but that a private medical decision is a personal choice. He is against coercive, and rights trampling, government mandates. Ciattarelli has been open about his priorities – that we must rebuild our great state from the bottom up, that we must lower taxes on the working and middle class, and that we must reform of our states massive spending because it all comes out of the pockets of the people.

The choice for NJ in this gubernatorial election is clear. A vote for Phil Murphy is a vote for dishonest government, high taxes, increased cost of living, no growth, and a man who puts personal political gain over what he supposedly believes to be vital public policy. A vote for Jack Ciattarelli is a vote for lowering the cost of living for average New Jerseyans, for everyone’s rights, to fix our great state, and for the only person in the gubernatorial race who is honest with the people.




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