Parklets & StrEATERIES Will Continue In Hoboken

Information On Extended Outdoor Dining Via Parklets And StrEATERIES

The Hoboken City Council recently adopted an ordinance, signed into law by Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla, providing business owners with the option to continue to utilize parklets and strEATERIES. The ordinance amended the fees for operating the parklets and strEATERIES, as well as providing residents with the process of appealing a parklet or strEATERY currently in operation.


The ordinance adopted new rules and regulations for use of the right-of-way, construction of dining facilities and annual licensing of establishments, which include:

  • Annual license renewal which includes an inspection prior to renewal authorization to assure a parklet is safe and properly maintained.
  • New applicants will be required to provide public notice to residents within 200 feet of construction prior to approval. Notice must include a statement of intended use, a rendering of the parklet design, contact information for the applicant, and the date and time of the public hearing.
  • New application fees have been implemented along with on-going fees for use of the right-of-way.
  • Clarification that the only items that are permitted to remain in a parklet overnight are items related to the outdoor dining setup.

Business owners seeking to apply for a new strEATERY or parklet can apply online at and

If residents have any objections to an existing strEATERY or parklet, they can submit a letter of appeal to the Hoboken City Council for consideration until April 13. To submit a letter, email the Hoboken City Clerk at and copy the City’s Zoning Officer Ann Holtzman at   

To submit a concern about a possible stEATERY or parklet violation, go to and select “Code Enforcement” under Department, and “Streets – Parklet/Streatery” under Issue.