Rally on Monday to Call For Removal of Jersey City Teacher Who Went on Racist Rant

A rally is scheduled to place on Monday afternoon, May 10 outside of the Jersey City Board of Education calling for the immediate dismissal of Dickinson High School science teacher Howard Zlotkin, who recently went on a racist-filled tirade aimed at African American students while conducting a class on line.

Zlotkin has been suspended with pay since the incident took place.  During his obscenity-laced rant against Black Lives Matter and George Floyd, who he termed a criminal, Zlotkin singled out black students, telling them they had to write an essay on “Why Black Lives Matter.”

“The bottom line is, we make (Floyd) a f**king hero? He’s not a hero; he’s like a criminal,” Zlotkin said in the beginning of the clip recorded by one of his students.
Zlotkin went on: “You guys emulate people, people that are just f**king wrong, that are criminals, and you’re making them right because they’re Black or they’ve got a bad story.”
At one point, Zlotkin told one of his students Timmia Williams she was “full of s**t” and couldn’t defend the Black Lives Matter movement.
Zlotkin’s daughter, 32-year old Alyia Jackson, apologized to students a few days ago in a written letter, which stated in part, “I can only imagine how it must have felt to have an authority figure, someone who is supposed to understand and guide you, instead judge and mistreat you,” Jackson said in the letter. “You did nothing to deserve this treatment.”

Monday’s rally will begin at 1 pm.  The Jersey City Board of Education is located at 346 Claremont Avenue.