Hudson County State GOP Committeeman Joshua Sotomayor Einstein has announced his candidacy for the Chairmanship of the Hudson County Republican Party, a slot currently held by former Assemblyman Jose Arango.

Sotomayor Einstein says Arango spends too much time with the County’s Democrats, endorsing and supporting them.

Sotomayor Mayor announced his candidacy this morning in the following press release:


NJ GOP State Committeeman Joshua Sotomayor Einstein Sends Letter to All Current Hudson County Republican Committee People

Hudson County, NJ – NJ GOP State Committeeman Joshua Sotomayor Einstein, known for being the vocal advocate for grassroots Republican activism in Hudson County and for standing up to the Democrat political machine, sent the following letter to all members of the Hudson County Republicans Committee. The letter, below, announces his candidacy for the Chairmanship of the Hudson County Republican Organization.

Dear Hudson County Republican Committee Person,

Here in Hudson County, Republicans have been forced to endure a disappointing two decades of zero growth and a County Republican Chairman who works for the Democrats. We can do better. We can engage in outreach, public education, and support Republican candidates. That is why I am running for County GOP Chairman. Not just to fix our beloved party in Hudson County, but to spread the message of commonsense smaller government and to empower you, and all County Committee people, to give the voters an alternative to the Democrats.

My story is a grassroots Republican story. I have been on the frontlines of Republican activism for years – organizing events, bringing in speakers, arranging protests, and articulating our point of view to the public. From helping grow the Republican Party by facilitating Lincoln Day Dinners to rallying people to protest when Senator Menendez was fundraising with Hillary Clinton in Jersey City, I have invested time and energy building up the Republican Party. From meeting with libertarian and non-traditionally GOP voters to bring them into our movement to media appearances articulating GOP policies, I have made the case for our values. Through it all I have stood up for us against the Democrat Machine and those Republicans, such as our current Chairman, who work from them.

The Hudson County Republican Party leadership is in bed with the Hudson County Democrats. Everyone knows this. From his long history of endorsing Democrats to mailers sent supporting Democrat candidates with GOP funds, to his equally long history of attacking other Republicans, Democrat allied and current county GOP chair Jose Arango has got to go.

Hudson County is my home. I want the GOP in our county to succeed, to stand up for the people, and to support GOP candidates more than just one press releases worth. Together we can make a difference. Together we can grow the Hudson County GOP, spread our message, and support Republicans. With your help we can change things. In the coming months, as we come closer to the county GOP re-organization meeting this summer, I will work every day to earn your support, I will advocate for our policies, organize for our ideas, and continue to make the case for growing the GOP in our county.

Let’s Make the Hudson County GOP Great Again,

Joshua Sotomayor Einstein

NJ GOP State Committeeman from Hudson County

Candidate for Hudson County Republican Chairman


Sotomayor Einstein encourages Hudson County Republicans to attend this coming Saturday’s annual, Lincoln Dinner.  The March 6th event will take place from 5 through 9 pm.  It is hosted by the Hispanic Republicans of North Jersey at The Factory, located at 451 Communipaw Avenue in Jersey City.   Tickets can be purchased at .