School Budgets Pass in Weehawken & WNY, Defeated in North Bergen

Less than 6-percent of registered voters went to the polls on Tuesday to vote in the municipality’s school board election.  While that is certainly troubling, those who took the time to vote easily swept the four, “Your Children’s Future” candidates into office by an overwhelming margin of about five to one.  Residents in West New York also passed the school budget with 90-percent voting in favor of the spending plan, plus an additional referendum, with 78-percent voting in favor.

In Weehawken, three incumbent candidates ran unopposed for trustee seats.  Linda Cabrera, John Cannata and Richard Pinal will serve another three years.  The public easily passed the budget with 89-percent, as well as the capital building improvements referendum with 90-percent of the vote.

Each of Weehawken’s schools are in need of major repairs, including new roofs.

Finally, in North Bergen, three incumbents ran unopposed, and will serve another three years; Claudia Baselice, Kanaiyalel Patel and Luis Diaz.  And in what has pretty much become a routine occurrence with school budgets in North Bergen, voters rejected the budget  by a 57-yo-43-percent margin.

It will now be up to the township’s Board of Commissioners to cut the budget.