Secaucus Police To Hold Bicycle Safety Demonstration on June 3

In an effort to promote bicycle safety and raise awareness among residents, the Secaucus Police Department will be hosting a special demonstration event on June 3. The event, aimed at fostering safer cycling practices within the community, underscores the department’s commitment to ensuring the well-being of both cyclists and motorists.

The Secaucus Police Department, recognized for its proactive approach to community engagement, has organized the bicycle safety demonstration to provide practical guidance and knowledge to residents of all ages. The event will serve as an interactive platform to educate participants on the importance of following safety protocols while riding bicycles and sharing the road with other vehicles.

Scheduled to take place from 10 a.m. until noon on in Buchmuller Park, the demonstration will feature various activities designed to enhance participants’ understanding of safe cycling practices.  There will be a bike obstacle course for kids and the Secaucus Police will hold a raffle to give away a bike to one lucky child.

Expert officers from the Secaucus Police Department will be on hand to conduct informative sessions, covering essential topics such as proper helmet usage, signaling, navigating intersections, and obeying traffic laws.

The department encourages residents of all ages to attend the event, emphasizing that both experienced cyclists and those new to biking can benefit from the valuable information and hands-on experience offered during the demonstration. By working together, the Secaucus community can foster a safer and more inclusive environment for cyclists and motorists alike.

Parents can sign their child up here https://www.secaucusrecreation…


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