Sires & Democrats Criticize President Trump Over Lack Of Workable Coronavirus Relief

President Donald Trump signed four Executive Orders at his private, Bedminster, New Jersey Golf Club on Saturday which sidestepped the deadlocked, Congressional negotiations surrounding a new, coronavirus stimulus package.  The President stated that Democrats in the House of Representatives are holding federal relief assistance “hostage.”  Trump added that Republicans “have had it.”

On Sunday morning’s network news programs, Democrats fought back, saying Trump’s actions are far from adequate, “paltry,” and “absurdly unconstitutional.”  Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York was the leading critic, along with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Congressional Democrats and Republicans have been deadlocked for weeks over the next round of stimulus aid from Washington as the unemployment insurance and rental eviction protections from previous packages have expired.

Both parties are questioning the legality, albeit, the constitutionality of Trump’s newly signed Executive Orders.  Saturday’s Orders will:

  • Create $400 in weekly enhanced unemployment assistance.  Democrats wanted the $600 weekly payment extended.
  • Create student debt repayment relief
  • Create a payroll tax holiday
  • Create an explanation of protections from housing evictions

Today, Congressman Albio Sires released the following statement in response to the President signing the Executive Order rather than negotiating with Congress for coronavirus relief legislation:

“It is disappointing that the President would abandon any real effort to pass meaningful coronavirus relief legislation and instead attempt to bypass Congress by issuing an executive order. The President’s executive order illustrates that he clearly does not grasp the seriousness of the situation many families across the country are dealing with. His executive order does nothing to help Americans pay their rent, and provides no relief for our brave firefighters, EMS, and first responders. Additionally, no relief is provided for state and municipal governments to help weather this crisis, and no resources have been put towards testing and tracing of the virus, two key components that will help us eradicate the virus. Almost three months ago the House Passed H.R. 6800, the Heroes Act, which provides real, comprehensive relief to millions of Americans and their families by placing a longer moratorium on evictions, getting plans in place to help reopen schools, providing assistance to our first responders, and allocating resources for effective contact tracing and COVID testing. We have made good faith efforts in the House to craft legislation that will relieve Americans of the burden they now face due to the virus. I urge the President and my colleagues in the Senate to get serious about providing relief to the country, and to stop the charade of half-hearted executive orders, which do nothing to solve the problem we currently face.”

Senatpr Schumer added, “This is an unworkable plan. Most states will take months to implement it because it’s brand new, it’s sort of put together with spit and paste.”