Sires Team for WNY Boosts Support with 1,250 New Signatures, Brings Total to 7,250

The “Sires Team for WNY” has secured an additional 1,250 signed nomination petitions in the last five days, bringing their total to 7,250. This has been seen as a testament to the strength of the campaign and the level of community support for the team.

Albio Sires, former Congressman and head of the “Sires Team for WNY” expressed his gratitude for the outpouring of support from the community of West New York, saying “The support our campaign is receiving from the West New York community is inspiring and will continue to drive our team forward.”

The “Sires Team for WNY” consists of Sires, Commissioner Victor Barrera, Board of Education President Adam Parkinson, Board of Education member Marielka Diaz and housing advocate Marcos Arroyo. The team has outlined a series of priority projects, including the construction of a new public library and media center, investment in local parks and recreation programs, and the improvement of local school buildings.

Sires and his team are ready to work towards moving West New York forward and fighting for the well-being of all its residents.