Sires Team for WNY sets record with over 15,000 signed petitions

The “Sires Team for WNY” candidates for the West New York Board of Commissioners have presented over 15,000 signed petitions of nomination, setting a new record for the highest number ever presented for a municipal election in West New York. This impressive total shows a massive wave of public support for the Sires team.

“I am honored by the overwhelmingly positive response our team has received from the residents of West New York since we launched this campaign,” said former Congressman Albio Sires. “The Sires Team for WNY is ready to take office from day one and continue delivering the leadership that West New York residents expect, and we will spend the next few weeks working hard to win the support of every voter.”

The “Sires Team for WNY” consists of Congressman Albio Sires, Commissioner Victor Barrera, Board of Education President Adam Parkinson, Board of Education Trustee Marielka Díaz, and housing advocate Marcos Arroyo. The team has announced several top priorities on their agenda, including improving public safety, increasing affordable housing and public parking, building a new public library and media center, as well as a new recreation center with federal, state, and county funding without affecting local taxpayers.

The overwhelming support and organization displayed by the Sires team prove that they are ready to take on the challenges of West New York and deliver on their promises. To learn more about their campaign, visit, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram at @siresteam4wny.