Sotomayor Einstein Invites Republicans in Hudson County to Support Ciattarelli on September 15

Dear Hudson County Neighbors,

On September 15th please join Republicans from across our county in welcoming Jack Ciattarelli, the next Governor of the State of New Jersey, to Hoboken at the Halifax in the W Hotel at 7pm. The event costs $100 for members of the GOP County Committee, $150 for Young Republicans (those Republicans under 40), $250 for general admittance, and greater donations are always welcome. Tickets can be purchased by donating to Jack Ciattarelli; for event questions email

Hudson County and Hoboken friends, this is the season of Republican activism! Only a few days ago, on September 5th, Hoboken was host to the packed “GOP Big Tent” fundraiser of the Hispanic Republicans of North Jersey. Now, we have a great opportunity to welcome back Jack Ciattarelli to our town and county.

Last time our future Governor – Jack Ciattarelli – was in Hoboken, he spoke at the 2020 Hoboken GOP Lincoln Dinner organized by myself and local Republican leaders Chris Carbine and Kathy DeRose. Now Jack is returning with his message of getting state government out of our pockets and off our backs, creating jobs not killing 1/3 of mom-and-pop businesses, and right sizing state spending so that it doesn’t keep on chasing up the cost of living and chasing out working and middle-class New Jerseyans.

From top to bottom, the Democrat machine politicians who rule our state, county, and all our Hudson County municipalities are an unholy mix of the extremist New Left and old school moral corruption. So many of them participated in marches that vilified law enforcement, bowed before those who called holding illegal aliens in the county jail a “Holocaust”, and are pushing “education” that falsely teaches middle school children that they can change their sex at will. They have pushed eminent domain abuse, given special deals to their supporters (whether government connected contractors or family members), and little by little push the limousine liberal agenda which slowly but never endingly makes living more and more expensive.

Hudson County, it’s time to say no to the Democrats. It’s time to rally behind Jack Ciattarelli’s vision of a better New Jersey for all!

See you on September 15!


Joshua Sotomayor Einstein


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