Staples Donates Personal Care Packages to Hudson County Schools of Technology

The Hudson County Schools of Technology has received a generous supply of personal care packages from the Staples store located on Route 440 in Jersey City.  The donation was made on Wednesday morning at High Tech High School in Secaucus.  The donation is part of the store’s commitment to being a good neighbor in the community.

Among the items donated were personal protective equipment, such as hand sanitizer and tissue packets, as well as various school supplies, including erasers, crayons, folders and pencils.

Hudson County Schools of Technology Superintendent of Schools Amy Lin-Rodriguez was very thankful for the Staples donation, pointing out that the school district “has a strong belief that business collaborations are a critical part of leading our youth to a prosperous future.  Business partnerships are a valuable resource providing insight into the current and future trends of business, as well as curriculum development for education.”

The donation was made possible thanks to Staples’ customers who contributed money whenever they were asked by a store cashier if they wanted to donate.  Each care package totaled five dollars.

The packages will be evenly distributed throughout the district’s three schools and day care and child care programs.