Traffic Alert: Multiple Street Closures in North Bergen, NJ

Motorists in North Bergen, NJ, are advised to take note of the following street closures due to a traffic alert issued by the North Bergen Police Department:

  • Bergenline Avenue is closed southbound from 85th street to 82nd street.
  • 77th street is closed from Park Avenue to Broadway.
  • 72nd street is closed at Bergenline Avenue.
  • 39th street is closed from Liberty Avenue to Grand Avenue in both directions.
  • Liberty Avenue will be closed northbound from 41st street to 43rd street at 9 am.

These street closures are causing major traffic disruptions and delays in the area. Motorists are advised to find alternate routes or allow for extra time during their daily commutes.

As of now, there is no indication of when the streets will reopen, and drivers are encouraged to check local news and traffic updates for the latest information.