Two Jersey City Men Arrested By Bayonne Police For Shoplifting & Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Bayonne assault and arrest

Bayonne Police Captain Eric Amato reports that 29-year old, Mohamed H. Ebraheem of Stegman Parkway in Jersey City and 48-year old, Richard Smith of Bostwick Avenue in Jersey City have been arrested for shoplifting and drug paraphernalia possession.

According to Captain Amato, Ebraheem and Smith were taken into custody at 2:38 on Thursday afternoon in the area of West 55th Street.  Bayonne police officers responded to the area on a report of two males in the area using narcotics.  Officers observed the two males, later identified as Smith and Ebraheem, walking on West 55th Street, away from the Rite Aid, located at 1097 Broadway.

As officers approached the pair to conduct an investigation, Smith threw two cellphones to the ground before fleeing on foot, disregarding the Officer’s command to stop.  As an officer gave chase, he observed Smith drop his backpack, discard narcotic paraphernalia into the street, and discard a plastic bag filled with merchandise that spilled onto the sidewalk.  Officers were able to intercept Smith and place him under arrest.  As officers attempted to handcuff him, Smith resisted by pulling his arms away in an attempt to not be handcuffed.  Officers were ultimately able to secure him in handcuffs and take him into custody without further incident.  During the chase of Smith, another officer attempted to stop Ebraheem but he ignored the officer’s commands and continued walking away from the officer.  After discarding his backpack, Ebraheem ultimately complied and was taken into custody.  A search incident to his arrest led to the recovery of various items of merchandise confirmed by a Rite Aid employee to have been shoplifted from Rite Aid minutes before officers arrived on scene. 

Ebraheem was also found to be in possession of hypodermic syringes and narcotic paraphernalia.  An inspection of the items that Smith had discarded as he fled officers led to the recovery of narcotic paraphernalia and various items of merchandise also confirmed by the Rite Aid employee to have been shoplifted from Rite Aid minutes prior.     

Smith has been charged with shoplifting, obstructing a governmental function, resisting arrest and possession of narcotic paraphernalia, while Ebraheen faces shoplifting, resisting arrest, possession of narcotic paraphernalia and possession of hypodermic syringes.