Two Prominent Hudson County Democrats Express Support For President Biden’s Renomination

(DHS photo by Tia Dufour)

Ever since his poor performance against former President Donald Trump in the first Presidential debate, Democrats have been divided over whether 81-year old President Joe Biden should continue his re-election campaign, or withdraw from consideration for a second term.

This week, the first New Jersey Congressional Representative publicly called for Biden to not seek a second term; Democrat Mikie Sherrill.  Sherrill, in a statement Tuesday, said she believes the risk of former President Trump winning re-election in November is too high to take a chance on a candidate who is facing mounting concerns about his viability.

“I know that President Biden and his team have been true public servants and have put the country and the best interests of democracy first and foremost in their considerations,” Sherrill said. “And because I know President Biden cares deeply about the future of our country, I am asking that he declare that he won’t run for reelection and will help lead us through a process toward a new nominee.”

“When I think of my four children and all of the rights that another Trump presidency endangers, and in light of the recent Supreme Court decision that gave inordinate power to the President of the United States, the stakes are too high — and the threat is too real — to stay silent,” she added. “I realize this is hard, but we have done hard things in pursuit of democracy since the founding of this nation. It is time to do so again.”

Two Hudson County Democrats disagree with Rep. Sherrill.  8th District Congressman Robert Menendez, Jr. released a statement saying, “This has been one of the most productive presidencies in American history. The Biden Administration has delivered historic investments in our infrastructure – including the Gateway Program – built back our economy, taken presidential action on gun violence prevention and environmental protections, and stood tall for working families and unions across the country. This stands in direct contrast to what we witnessed under the Trump presidency and the trauma he caused for so many of our communities. We need to remember those four years and what another Trump presidency would mean for all of us. He has made clear in his agenda and through Project 2025 that this harm to our democracy will only get worse if he is elected. We have a nominee today with a proven track record that any Democrat would be proud to run on. Yes, I have heard the concerns that have been raised over the last several weeks, and I urge the Biden campaign to continue to be transparent with the American people in the coming days, weeks, and months to alleviate any concerns. But we must remain focused on the mission at hand, which is to not just beat Donald Trump in November but to ensure a future that is reflective of our American values. And that is exactly what we will do.”

In a statement on X this week, Jersey City Mayor and 2025 New Jersey Gubernatorial candidate Steven Fulop reacted to Congresswoman Sherrill, saying, “I just don’t think this press release is helpful…. The voters voted for him in a primary and he is the same person he was 3 weeks ago when you (and others) were praising him. A bad debate or Washington pundits commenting are not reasons to walk away from him,” Fulop wrote on X this morning.  He is one of the most successful presidents in modern history + he deserves a second term. We should all be digging in and working harder on his behalf – not creating chaos[.]”



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