UCHS To Celebrate 15th Anniversary With Public Event

It’s been fifteen years since Union Hill High School and Emerson High School merged to form Union City High School, built on the Kennedy Boulevard site of the old Roosevelt Stadium with New Jersey Schools Development Authority funds.

The Hillers and the Bulldogs were no more.  Gone was the epic Thanksgiving Day football rivalry.  Uptown versus downtown was no more.  A new tradition was born.

The Union City High School Soaring Eagles were born, and the first decade and a half has been wonderful, academically and athletically.  Nationally recognized academic programs and many successful sports teams, literally playing on the roof of the school.

Yahoo Sports 

The fifteen year tradition of Union City High School will be celebrated publicly on Saturday, June 8th with UCHS Fest on the Roosevelt Stadium rooftop field from 1 until 5 pm, with a June 9th rain date.

There will be live entertainment, plenty of food and exciting games for everyone to enjoy.