Students, Teachers & Firefighters In UCHS Cook Off

The second annual, Union City High School Cook Off; can the culinary arts students defend their title?  Teachers and firefighters will have a say in that.

The competition was 90 minutes long.  Three teams of four competitors each; Union City High School Culinary Arts students versus high school teachers versus North Hudson Regional firefighters, each cooking three dishes; an appetizer, an entree and a dessert using a required ingredient for each.

The cook off is a showcase for the culinary arts students to display what they’ve learned during the course of the academic year.  The competition is judged, nine judges in all, by district administrators and representatives from Chartwells, the Board of Education’s food partners.  The competition was heated, competitive and very, very close.

So who won the competition?  Did the culinary arts students retain their title from last year?  You’ll just have to click on the video package at the top of this article to find out!!