Union City & NHRFR Team Up To Hold Lithium Battery Safety Session


Members of the North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue Department, along with Union City’s Health Department, held an important session at the Union City Performing Arts Center inside of Union City High School this morning.  Open to the public at large, the session focused on the proper use of lithium batteries, highly volatile energy sources which, if improperly used, can explode and cause intense fires.

                                                                    The presenters told those in attendance that lithium batteries are found in nearly every type of machine used around the home, from lawn mowers to snow blowers.  One of the most importance pieces of advice expressed by the fire department was to never leave a charging lithium battery unattended.  And don’t purchase after market machines, lithium batteries or chargers.  The Health Department also spoke about the dangers of vaping pens, which can easily explode and catch fire and the use of e-cigarettes.

                                                                        If you would like more detailed information of lithium batteries or the dangers of vaping, contact the regional fire department or your town’s health department.