Union City Police Allegedly Shoot Knife Wielding Man During July 4 Festivities

Photo Credit:  Union City 411 via hudpost.com                                                                                                                                                                                           An investigation is underway by the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office and the Union City Police Department after a knife-wielding man was reportedly shot by police during Monday’s July 4th festivities in Union City.

According to hudpost.com, witnesses reported that a man was shot and killed around 22nd Street, “and many state that a man was shot. Many claim to have seen a body on the street after the incident, presuming the man or person was killed.”

According to a spokesperson with the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office, who spoke with Hudson TV on the telephone, the incident is being investigated, but no information with regard to the incident is being released at this time.

When additional information is made available, this story will be updated.