Union City reports 6 positive Coronavirus cases

Officials in Union City reported 6 positive Covid-19 cases in the past week.
Ages are unknown at this time.
No other information has been released


  1. With the job closings there are ppl here in Union City that live at the Shefah motel where they are threating us with evictions if we don’t have weekly rate. Several of us been living here 6 mo plus to over a year. What are our rights on with everything going on. Theres several ppl tomorrow due to job loss possibly facing eviction from the motel are their any rights to protect us?

  2. Don’t move from where you are at.If you been their more then 6months or 6 month’s you are by law a resident even more if you have mail mailed ther even better..They can not evict you as you are paying them for staying their and if they don’t except payment by you anymore keep the money do not spend it or make a money order of the hotel name and the amount of the stay you wish for .now being that said if they call the police and you have proof of being their more then 6 month’s or month’s the authorities are not allowed to take you out they will make a complaint from the hotel and it will go to court that’s the squatters law look it up..

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