Unruly NY Man Arrested in Bayonne For Refusing to Wear Mask in Ambulance

In a perfect example of Governor Phil Murphy’s favorite phrase, “don’t be a knucklehead,” Bayonne Police have arrested a 51-year old, New York City man for refusing to wear a face mask while inside a McCabe Ambulance.

Captain Eric Amato reports that the incident happened on Tuesday morning at 10:39, when James Watson was taken into custody near the intersection of 21st Street and Avenue E.

Bayonne Police were flagged down by EMS personnel from McCabe Ambulance, who told them their patient had become unruly and refused orders to leave the vehicle after he would not don a mask.  The patient, Watson, became increasingly irate as police approached him.  Watson grabbed an item from the ambulance’s wall and threw it at the police officers, also spitting inside the vehicle.

Police tried to subdue Watson, but he fought back, trying to bite each officer.  He did make contact with one officer, breaking the flesh.  Additional officers arrived, but Watson continued to resist, forcing police to administer pepper spray.

When officers attempted to handcuff Watson, he tightened up according to Captain Amato, laying on his hands.  Watson eventually was handcuffed by police and taken to the hospital for treatment.  The officer who was bitten was also treated at the hospital.

Watson was issued a summons for aggravated assault and resisting arrest.

As mentioned, as we all suffer through this unprecedented coronavirus world, don’t be a knucklehead.




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