UPDATE: Korpi Ice Rink COVID Testing in Bayonne

In addition to the existing COVID-19 testing site at the Bayonne Museum (Thursdays and Sundays), the City of Bayonne has established an additional, larger test site so that more tests can be administered to the residents of the City of Bayonne.  This additional testing site was originally established at Don Ahern Veterans Stadium.  Due to the extreme weather conditions, however, the company performing the testing could not maintain a workforce there. As such, we have temporarily relocated this additional COVID-19 testing site to the Korpi Ice Rink. We expect that this additional testing site will remain at the Korpi Ice Rink for the next several days, until an alternate site can be worked out.

Unfortunately, due to (1) the sheer volume of people seeking a test and (2) the number of testers who have called out sick, appointments have not been able to be kept. As such, all COVID-19 testing will now be performed on first-come, first-served basis.

Please note that anyone seeking a COVID-19 test at the Korpi Ice Rink MUST use the BACK doors of the facility.  If you are seeking a COVID-19 test, you must enter Door 42 and exit Door 43, both of which are at the rear of the building.  Use of the rear doors will ensure that those seeking tests will be separated from those using the facility for vaccines or recreational purposes. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  

The upcoming hours of operation at Korpi Ice Rink for COVID-19 testing are:

Tuesday       12/28      9am-5pm

Wednesday 12/29      9am-5pm

Thursday    12/30      9am-5pm