Update on Hoboken COVID Testing Results

Earlier in the week, the City of Hoboken added COVID-19 testing through Bespoke Health to accommodate the substantial surge in demand and provide easier access to testing. While results were anticipated within 48 hours of the laboratory receiving the tests, delays beyond 48 hours may occur for some due to the increased volume in the region.

Bespoke Health is working with Fusion Laboratories to process results as quickly as possible. Those who got tested through Bespoke and have not gotten their results after 48 hours can log onto the Fusion Laboratories website at https://fusion.labsvc.net/patientportal.

Testing with Bespoke this Sunday will utilize Alliance Laboratories, with results anticipated within 72 hours of the lab receiving the tests.

To accommodate additional demand, COVID-19 testing has been added through Medicine Man Pharmacy and Compounding this upcoming Monday (9 am – 4 pm) and Tuesday (9 am – 7 pm) at 605 Jackson Street. The testing through Medicine Man will utilize Star Laboratories, with results anticipated within 48 hours.

For the full schedule of testing, please visit http://www.hobokennj.gov/testing.