Update on Hoboken’s Northwest Resiliency Park & Other Quality of Life Projects

The City of Hoboken is continuing with various quality of life projects this week. Below are construction updates on the 5-acre Northwest Resiliency Park and flood infrastructure, the installation of holiday decorations and utility maintenance by SUEZ.

To see a map of active road closures in Hoboken, visit https://streets.populus.ai/hoboken/closures 

Northwest Resiliency Park

Construction continues on the 5-acre Northwest Resiliency Park, which will be New Jersey’s largest resiliency park. The park will have above and below ground infrastructure to withhold up to 2 million gallons of rainwater to help mitigate local flooding. The contractor will undertake the following activities next week:

  • Construct the clay layer subgrade and liner for the multi-purpose athletic field.
  • Construct concrete pile cap foundations for the buildings.
  • Reset the one million gallon tank shallow pump system in preparation for upcoming construction of the pump station along 13th Street by the North Hudson Sewerage Authority, scheduled to begin later in December.
  • Begin construction of the “lowland” rain gardens at the corners of the 1200 block of Adams Street.

The City uses a combination of low interest and interest-free loans, principal forgiveness for the resiliency features, and grant money to save over $19 million over the life of the project. The Northwest Resiliency Park also utilizes the Open Space Trust Fund to pay for the construction costs of the Northwest Park, and is not utilizing any funding from the 2020 municipal budget.

More information about the Northwest Resiliency Park construction is available at www.hobokennj.gov/nwpark

SUEZ Routine Water Infrastructure Maintenance and Outage Alerts

To see if SUEZ is working in your area and if your service may be affected, please enter your address into the SUEZ Water Advisory Map, please check the “Outage & Alerts Map” at: https://www.mysuezwater.com/water-in-my-area/water-alerts-map/New%2520Jersey

Shade Tree Commission Annual Planting Program

The Hoboken Shade Tree Commission will be planting 49 trees as part of its annual tree planting program from 12/7/2020 through 12/10/2020. No road closures are anticipated. Parking will be restricted near planting locations.

If you are a Hoboken property owner or a property manager, you can help to improve Hoboken’s urban tree canopy by sponsoring a tree in the 2021 annual tree planting program, and pledging to care for and water their tree. Sponsors can request a tree by completing the form at www.hobokennj.gov/trees.

Holiday Decorations

In partnership with the City of Hoboken, the Hoboken Business Alliance (HBA) will be installing lights for the holiday season on Monday 12/7/2020, including the following decorations:

  • Lighted pole decorations on Park Avenue and Willow Avenue north of 14th Street, Hudson Place and Newark Street between Hudson Street and River Street, and Hudson Street and River Street between Hudson Place and Newark Street.
  • Garland with lights around streetlight poles on 1st Street.
  • Winter seasonal decor in hanging planter baskets on streetlight poles on Washington Street.

No road closures are anticipated. Parking will be restricted near planting locations.

The Hoboken Department of Environmental Services will also begin installing snowflake decorations on 1st Street between Washington Street and Harrison Street.

More information about the Hoboken Business Alliance is available at www.hobokenalliance.com.

The protection of each construction site, workers, and the general public are of the utmost priority. Contractors, construction managers, subcontractors, and suppliers are following CDC guidelines and employer policies for COVID-19 protection.


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