UPDATED: Congressman Sires’ Office Assists With Unemployment

This is an updated version of a press release sent out on Monday by the Office of Congressman Albio Sires.  It concerns the assistance the Congressman’s office can give constituents who are unemployed:

Assisting with Unemployment

I hear daily from individuals are struggling to make ends meet. Many have either lost their jobs or are working reduced hours, creating new financial hardship as people struggle to make ends meet. The CARES Act included direct payments to eligible adults and the Heroes Act would authorize another round of direct stimulus paymentsBoth of these bills also expand the unemployment insurance program. The CARES Act broadened eligibility for unemployment insurance to American workers not previously qualified – such as gig workers and freelancers – and increased the amount of financial assistance to these Americans by providing a $600 a week federal supplement. While the federal government has sought to improve our nation’s unemployment systems, New Jersey’s Department of Labor has been overwhelmed with new claims and had to create a new system for those who were previously not eligible for benefits. For the past two months, I’ve had constituents emailing every day requesting assistance with unemployment and my staff and I have been working to provide as much help as we can. I’ve spoken to fathers and mothers who have recovered from COVID-19, sons who are providing for their parents, self employed individuals, and more who have all been forced to apply for unemployment. I will continue working with the Governor’s Office and the Department of Labor to expedite unemployment claims and if you need assistance, please email me at NJ8inquiries@mail.house.gov. We can get through this together.






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