Giving Digitized was created by Shazia Peeran to link with non-profits in helping provide needed necessities for families and homeless shelters.  Based in Hudson County, the company has expanded its efforts all the way to California.

During a Zoom interview, Peeran spoke with me about what the organization is doing this holiday season and how the coronavirus pandemic has effected operations.

“Giving back is a key component of my life. Paying it forward creates a cycle of caring for one another that benefits everyone. Whether you give back in your hometown or somewhere else.”

Peeran added, “Currently, we have charities in 4 cities participating, and are expanding to many more. In a virtual world where everything is online, this is a particular area that’s not COVID proof. We created the technology in the realm where help was most needed. We give the community a way to help in your hometown or somewhere else in a socially distant manner virtually.”

During the interview Peeran talks about charities needing a way to not only request and receive the resources, but also about distribution with verification. “We give charities an avenue to obtain resources online and provided them with operational support if they need. There are charities who have expressed interest in our expanded services coming out in 2021: to connect those in our community who need help with opportunities to skill up and get placed in stable careers ,while obtaining the necessary resource along the way. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve.”

Peeran says she is thankful to the wonderful and generous people in the community who have helped generate thousands of beautiful moments with families in a tough time.

“There are still a few more opportunities to give through the platform, and I would encourage, those who are able, to participate now in the winter virtual drives. The holiday toy drive ends soon. We do have the winter gear and family baskets available through January.”

You can participate by going online directly at

Once you register and login, select Toy or Coat Drive. You are now, 3 steps away from making your impact to the community.

  • Step 1: Select – pick a basket to donate.
  • Step 2: Buy – send to the address listed.
  • Step 3: Update – let us the non-profit know that you have purchased the gifts & when to expect the basket.These are the other virtual drives the community and charities can participate in heading into 2021:

November – December:

o Holiday Toy baskets to help parents and children in need celebrate the holidays by granting wishes.

November – January:

o Winter gear baskets for community centers, shelters and other charities including public schools.

o Family baskets for those in or leaving shelters for homes to equip families with necessities that are generally taken for granted.

  • Evergreen programs held quarterly, starting 2021: Food Drives, Groceries.
  • March: Health and Hygiene Basket.
  • April – October: Natural Disaster Relief.
  • August: School Supply Drive.