Weehawken School Superintendent Highlights New Initiatives For ’22-’23

When Weehawken students return to the classroom on Thursday, September 8, there will be several new programs in place for them to consider, and Superintendent of Schools Eric Crespo is extremely excited about each one.

High school upper class men will be able to participate in a new, aviation program, which came about because of some delays Superintendent Crespo experienced while at the airport.  There will be an actual flight simulator in the high school, the same technology used in aviation schools, allowing students to earn credit towards receiving credentials to become a pilot.

Then there’s going to be an actual, functioning bank inside of Weehawken High School for use by students, teachers and administrators.  Students will be able to work at the bank and learn how to oversee their own savings and checking accounts.

Also new this academic year is a public speaking program.  It will also be the second year for W.I.S.E., Weehawken Intervention Supports Enrichment.