Weigand Park Reopens: Mayor Albio Sires Discusses Community Revitalization Efforts

West New York, The community of West New York celebrated the grand reopening of Weigand Park on 54th Street and Park Avenue today. Mayor Albio Seeres discussed the park’s significant renovations, which were funded entirely by local developers, not costing taxpayers a single penny. The park has been redeveloped into two distinct areas: a passive park for relaxation and an active park with play structures for children, conveniently located near Number Two School and senior citizen buildings.


The $1.1 million renovation was part of a deal allowing developers to build apartment buildings on the waterfront, reflecting a shift in housing preferences towards renting. Mayor Seeres highlighted the cooperative nature of these developers, who have also contributed additional community amenities such as a little league house, a firehouse, new lighting, and a soccer field.

Looking ahead, Mayor Seeres expressed a commitment to continuous improvement, mentioning a future project to build a recreation center behind Miller Stadium. This center would include an Olympic-sized pool, various sports courts, and activity rooms for seniors. The mayor’s vision is to enhance the quality of life in West New York by creating spaces and opportunities for all residents.



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