West New York Man Stabs a Man In Shoulder With Pocket Knife

19-year old, West New York resident Nain J. Vasquez-Gonzalez of 602 57th Street, faces three counts for allegedly stabbing another male, unknown to him, on July 9 with a pocket knife in the left shoulder.

The charges against Vasquez-Gonzalez are aggravated assault by attempting to cause serious bodily injury, a second degree crime; possession of a weapon other than a firearm, with the purpose to use it unlawfully against another person or property, a third degree crime; and knowingly possessing a weapon, other than a firearm, in this instance a pocket knife, for inappropriate use, a fourth degree crime.

The victim, who suffered a puncture wound, notified West New York Police on July 15 that the assailant who stabbed him was standing on a street corner.  Police arrived and arrested Vasquez-Gonzalez after the victim positively identified him.

The date for Vasquez-Gonzalez to appear in Central Judicial Processing Court in Jersey City was not immediately available.